Goodtime 2 Classic Special Resonator
Banjo Package $989.00

Banjo Package Includes Book, DVD, Picks, Tuner, Banjo Bag And Professional Setup.
Fast And Free Shipping

All Our Goodtimes Are The Newest Models
With Violin Grade Maple Rim

It is first and foremost a very playable instrument, that is built to be durable and travel easily,
while being a superb sounding banjo that pleases audiences.
The vintage look and vibrant tone of the patented Goodtime Special tone ring
set this banjo apart, as clearly louder than the Goodtime Two
and great for playing in a band setting.
The Classic Goodtime Special has the look of an older banjo with the rich brown stain,
Deering fiddle shaped peghead and planetary banjo tuners.
The Classic Special can be heard with a sweet voice with sustain that compliments
all the instruments in a band. Tuned to an open G Chord,
with the spikes already installed, you can easily play in other keys.
The Classic Goodtime Special is an achievement in keeping the cost down
while providing an instrument that will stay in tune and perform reliably
because it is made with precision by skilled American craftsmen.

Slender Rock Maple Neck Stained a Rich Brown
White dot inlays and Detailing Planetary Tuners
Geared 5th String Tuner Durable Satin Finish
Spikes installed at 7th, 9th, & 10th Frets
Pot: 3 ply Violin Grade Maple Rim Stained Rich Brown
NEW Patented Goodtime Tone Ring 11″
Frosted Top High Crown Head Steel Tension Hoop
Steel Coordinator Rod for Adjustments
16 Bracket Shoes 16 Flat Hooks and 9/32″
Hex Nuts Patented Adjustable Goodtime Tailpiece
2 Piece Flange Nickel Plated Armrest
Nickel Plated Hardware
Maple Resonator Stained Rich Brown
Satin Finish Black Binding

This Banjo Package Includes
All Of The Items Listed Below
Goodtime 2 Classic Special Banjo
List $1189.00
Banjo Bag List $24.00
Banjo Pick Set List $4.95
First Timers On The 5 String
Banjo List $19.95
Chromatic Tuner List $24.95

Professional Setup
And Fast And Free Shipping

Goodtime 2 Classic Special Banjo Package Includes Setup,
Gig Bag, Electronic Tuner, Beginner Book With DVD and Picks

List Price Of This Package Is $1249.00....

Your Special Sale Price is $989.00
Sold Out

Classic 2 With Hard Case $1058.00
Sold Out

Each banjo will be setup by us and played to ensure
that your new banjo plays and sounds great.
The action will be set to the proper height
and the bridge set to the proper location for correct intonation.
We will carefully pack your new banjo and ship it in tune.
Some tuning adjustment may be needed when it arrives.

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