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Deering Goodtime Left Hand Banjo Package
Limited Time
Banjo Package Includes DVD, Book, Picks. Tuner, Banjo Bag and Professional Setup.

          Deering Goodtime Left Hand BanjoDeering Goodtime Left Hand BanjoDeering Goodtime Left Hand Banjo
Video Of Right Handed Model

 Deering Goodtime Left Hand BanjoDeering Goodtime Left Hand BanjoDeering Goodtime Left Hand Banjo

The Goodtime banjo has a slender low profile neck that is easy to finger and comfortable for large and small hands.
The high quality rock maple wood contributes to the bright sparkling sound of the Goodtime banjo. This hard, dense
wood is also very strong and stable.

The fret work is accurate and precise to ensure accurate intonation over the entire fingerboard.

The Goodtime Left Hand banjo weighs about 4 pounds so it is light enough
 for children to hold and play and is ideal for
travelling, camping, hiking, taking to the beach
 and provides a vibrant singing banjo tone in any situation

Rock Maple
Satin finish
Slender profile
All geared tuners
Standard 11" diameter
Satin finish
Adjustable tailpiece
Multi ply birch/maple
coordinator rod

This Banjo Package Includes All Of The Items Listed Below
 Deering Goodtime Left Handed Open Back Banjo (List $619.00)
Banjo Gig Bag  (List $29.95)
Automatic Chromatic Tuner (List $21.95)
First Timers On The Banjo Book And DVD (List $19.95)

Finger Picks and Thumb Pick (list $3.95)
Professional Setup And Tuned
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