Tarrant Bailey Jr. Banjo Solos
His Life and Works
by Chris Sands 

An outstanding collection of original 5-string banjo solos by legendary virtuoso and composer Tarrant Bailey Jr. Covering a broad range of musical styles and varying in their degree of technical difficulty, these pieces offer a wealth of original and ingenious ideas, representing the very finest of this composer's works. Of further interest is a comprehensive section containing previously unpublished autobiographical excerpts and many rare historical photographs, giving a fascinating insight into Tarrant Bailey Jr.'s life with the banjo. The accompanying CD features new recordings of all the pieces, specially recorded by Chris Sands and Patrick Sykes for release with this edition. The music is presented in fully fingered music notation and tablature settings.

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Ragtime Express
Beauty Spots
Summertime Rag
Sunlit Motorway
Dancing Kitten
Festival March
Flowing Streams
Flashpoint Rag
Why Worry?
Old Wine in a New Bottle
The Swallow
Jazzbo's Holiday
Piropo Polka
Silicon Chips

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